The Process

Your vision is all you need: As a full-service virtual production studio, we support projects from start to finish. Booking our LED wall is easy. We’ll provide you with 8,000 square feet of support space for your next VR production in Tennessee.

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The Technology

The combination of our high-resolution LED volume, cutting-edge VR framework (Unreal Engine), real-time synchronization software (disguise), and state-of-the-art camera tracking equipment allows us to capture lightning in a bottle. We offer mind-blowing virtual sets for epic looking footage.

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The Work

From distant planets to downtown offices, we've brought many virtual projects to life... and we're just getting started. Our sophisticated LED Wall, seamless camera tracking, and the design power of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3D creation tool enhance the visuals while elevating the performance of your talent.

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The Facility

A virtual production stage, green rooms, a kitchen and production offices — it's all right here, in the heart of Nashville. Our tech and studio amenities enhance everything from corporate live events and music videos to your next commercial shoot or branded content campaign.

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Ready to make your vision a reality in Tennessee?
If you're considering virtual, Nashville is the place to be. Our Nashville virtual production studio has everything you need to optimize your shooting conditions. We can assist by finding you the necessary crew, camera gear, and VR design expertise to level up the look of your production.

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