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What used to require extensive location shoots, expensive set design and construction, and/or exorbitant special effects production, can now be done in the comfort of our Nashville studio, without the headaches of the past.

As the first Nashville-based, full-service LED virtual production studio, Arc Studios enables filmmakers and content creators to capture anything they can imagine on video, using state-of-the-art technology.

From cutting-edge robotic motion control equipment and in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), to over 1,000 sq. ft. of LED volume, to working with the top 3D and Extended Reality (xR) professionals in the business, we have the equipment, the software, and the partners to capture your lightning in a bottle.

What can all of this actually look like for your project? There are many incredible benefits to virtual production, but let us cover just a few.



See a near-perfect end result of your lighting and location before we begin shooting one second of video.

Location Adjustment

Change your location with the press of a button and adjust your environments with ease … something that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on a physical set (or might not even be possible).

Lighting Control

Switch from day to night time shots in just seconds and hold a “golden hour” shoot for as long as you want … instead of the mere minutes available in natural light!

Faster Turnaround

You’ll experience a much faster turnaround time of your final files, due to the reduction (or, sometimes virtual elimination) of post-production processes.

How do we make all of this possible and available to you? These are the incredible technology partners we’ve engaged with to make Arc Studios the creative incubator you’ve been dreaming about …

Click here for a larger list of virtual production benefits.

Tech Partners

A true trendsetter in the LED industry, PixelFLEX manufactures their award-winning line of LED video walls and video screens right here in Nashville, TN. PixelFLEX has partnered with clients from Nike to Netflix to design and support some of the most creative and innovative visual projects in the world.

disguise is the complete software and hardware platform that allows us to “imagine every pixel of a visual experience in advance” and produce stunning real-time visuals for our shoots. disguise has been used across industries to produce visually stunning masterpieces ranging from live performances to film, esport and television productions.

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. This partnership allows us to create any world you can imagine, from walking through la Rue des Thermopyles, a rustic cobbled passage in Paris, to Enduro biking the sandy, uncharted mountains of Mars: We can recreate physical places or create entire new worlds in stunning detail, virtually.

Brompton Technology is the partner that brings state-of-the-art video processing to Arc Studios. Its Tessera system is the award-winning, market-leading processing solution for LED video walls, used on everything from huge global world tours, to high-end signage, to pioneering green screen replacement and virtual production.

Our camera tracking system from stYpe enables us to create dynamic camera movements that allow for captivating results. We use stYpe systems to provide real-time pre-visualizations for scenes with virtual elements, and to ease the postprocessing efforts by capturing all data about movement of the camera, actors and chosen objects in real-time.

For a full list of our in-house inventory of cinematic video equipment – including cinema robotics, cameras, lenses, state-of-the-art pursuit and production vehicles, and more – please visit our world-class video and film production partners at Shift Dynamics.

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If you're considering virtual, Nashville is the place to be. Our Nashville virtual production studio has everything you need to optimize your shooting conditions. We can assist by finding you the necessary crew, camera gear, and VR design expertise to level up the look of your production.

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