15 Unexpected Benefits of Virtual Video Production

It may seem almost impossible to keep up with the evolution of production norms and techniques in the entertainment industry.

As a producer or director, your mind, talent, and resources need to be focused on the creative vision of the project as a whole, but you also know that you somehow need to know what the latest methods and capabilities of technology are, in order to carry out that vision.

That’s where Arc Studios comes in.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be an expert in xR, LED volumes, or camera tracking … we believe you should be able to bring your idea – no matter how outrageously ambitious and creative – to us, and we’ll help you bring it to life.

We’ve dedicated our professional lives to mastering the art of virtual video production, so you don’t have to.

But why virtual video production? What might it have to do with carrying out the vision you’ve got for your project?

Allow us to take a moment to share the most important benefits virtual video production (VVP) can have on your project. This is by no means an exhaustive list of benefits, rather, the ones that come up most often with the clients we work with.

We think at least a few of these will resonate with you, and might even resolve some big questions you may have as you prepare to go to work …

1. Cost Control

In many cases, VVP can lead to significantly reduced costs in post-production, as well as sometimes unexpected needs like re-shoot costs, scheduling, and the total time of production.

2. Absolute Creative Freedom

This is a big one. VVP allows you to create (or recreate) any physical location in the known universe, or to create worlds that have never been seen before!

3. Control the Weather

Inside a beautiful climate controlled studio, with the ability to recreate locations from anywhere, weather never becomes a problem on set.

4. Control the Time of Day

Need the golden hour extended to 12 hours in a single day? No problem, we can make that happen.

5. Create Your Own Scene from Scratch

Similar to the benefits of location, whatever you’ve imagined in terms of the set, we can build it for you digitally. And, if you’d like the digital to be augmented with some physical elements, we can do that too.

6. Shoot in Multiple Locations at Once
With planning and preparation, you could knock out shots for four different sets at one time if you needed/wanted to.

7. Pre-Visualization

Perfectly pre-visualize your shots and scenes before stepping foot on set, or “scout” multiple locations from the comfort of your home.

8. Save Time

Eliminate the cost and time of flying your crew to different locations. This, of course, is also a much greener approach for our creative industry going forward, especially for automotive brands.

9. Re-Shoots

Environments that have been created and used can be reused as many times as you want, and will always have the exact same look and feel.

10. Enhanced Performances

Unlike the issues of green screens, in front of an LED wall, your talent can see and interact with the environment in real time, helping them to give much better performances.

11. Stand Out from the Crowd

With a nearly unlimited supply of video design and immersive graphics available to you, you can stand out in ways that were nearly impossible just a few years ago.

12. Multi-Use Immersive Content

The content we create with you can be reused in different formats (website, social media, etc.) for marketing your next event, keeping your audience engaged year-round.

13. Even Deeper Audience Engagement

Our process provides additional opportunities for advanced audience engagement in realms like VR/AR, gamifications and much more.

14. Post-Production

95% of footage is complete on set, during your shoot, no lengthy post-production, the director sees shots on site and will know what final results look like. There are no surprises in post-production!

15. Faster Turnaround

You’ll experience a much faster turnaround time of your final files, due to the reduction (or, sometimes virtual elimination) of post-production processes.

The benefits of shooting a virtual video production are many …

So many, in fact, that we think you should consider virtual video production for your next project. How about taking the next step and having a no-pressure conversation with us?

If you decide to bring your idea to Arc Studios, you can rest assured that you’re bringing it to a team of experts that will help you execute your vision with incredible efficiency, accuracy, and artistry.

Let’s talk.

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