Barbenheimer: Achieving a Cinematic Look Using a Virtual Production Studio

How can our virtual production studio in Nashville increase your creativity on set?

If we look at the films that captured people's imaginations this past summer, it can be summed up in one made up word: the cultural phenomenon known as "Barbenheimer."

Although neither film was shot at Arc Studios, each film presents exciting visual opportunities for commercial work, music videos, branded content, or short films that can be recreated at Arc Studios.

Whether referencing those cultural touchstones directly or borrowing from the language of their cinematic playbook, Arc Studios can help you achieve virtually any look and feel you desire.

Building the Barbie Universe

Although much has been made of the production's fantastic practical sets, the film required approximately 1,000 VFX shots shot on Warner Brothers' VR production studio in England. In order to recreate the world of Barbie, including those pristine backgrounds and brightly colored environment, the film used a 24,000 sq. foot stage with 7,100 sq. ft. virtual production environment using Unreal Engine. The same VR framework used by our team.

When it comes to virtual production, the size of the stage does not limit your creative potential. Our 1,000 sq. ft. stage offers plenty of room for your talent to perform.

One of the benefits or working with an LED volume is that you can stage scenes using the giant LED screen to identify where your CG assets will appear in camera on the day. This is a better way of working, not only for your visual effects supervisors but your on-screen talent as well.

You Control the Look

In terms of achieving a particular visual quality, VR production studios provide consistent lighting, even when various exterior backgrounds are required. The lighting style chosen to represent Barbie's world, was very specific, and once defined by the cinematographer, it could be achieved with precision repeatedly using the VR stage.

Arc Studios' advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that the lighting conditions are always perfect. In a virtual location, the filmmaker has full control over the weather, time of day, lighting, object position, and more. These conditions can be recreated at any time and are immediately available, saving you time and money.

A Giant Screen Is a Door to New Possibilities

LED panels prove to be the ideal solution and canvas to portray sets and backgrounds created in virtual reality. Virtual production provides added flexibility to make last-minute set changes or slight alterations. VR production is comforting to performers. It creates a setting that is both real and immersive, enhancing their performance rather than performing against a green screen.

When you have a curved LED Volume that wraps around the talent, you open up a world of possibilities. Our versatile approach introduces a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to virtual production. You’re not wasting resources on unnecessary equipment, transport, and other exterior location costs.

How Do You Recreate Oppenheimer?

Director Christopher Nolan' insistence on shooting Oppenheimer for the IMAX format has paid off big, both commercially and artistically. In some ways, the format is a surprising choice given that the film is a dialogue heavy bio-pic without any CG effects.

Much of the story is set in classrooms, military bases, office settings, and the mind of Robert Oppenheimer himself. Some of the most interesting shots are those depicting Oppenheimer's understanding of quantum physics.

So how do you depict a scientist's understanding of such complex subject matter and make it visually interesting to a mass audience?

In the film, the director has chosen to cut from the Oppenheimer character to a startling set of abstract visions featuring vibrant particles and sparks dancing about the screen like fireworks. These visuals  illustrate his burgeoning understanding of difficult concepts.

Arc Studios has the capacity to recreate all types of imagery on our LED volume to achieve a similar effect in camera.

So How Do the Creative Decisions in Oppenheimer Apply to Arc Studios?

Not only can Arc Studios easily transport your talent to the middle of the New Mexico desert or the middle of a university classroom, but the idea of presenting your featured performer's thought processes in a visual way is easily achieved when using virtual production techniques.

Whether you're creating a presentation for your company's keynote address or shooting a commercial trying to explain your product’s many benefits, Arc Studios can project any type of imagery, video, text, graphics, or animations behind your presenter to drive home the messaging.

Arc Studios Offers Cinematic Solutions for Your Next Video

No matter the type of look you're trying to achieve or the information you need to convey, Arc Studios gives you the creative resources to do so with added visual punch.

Our virtual environment enhances storytelling, streamed presentations, and branded content. It's revolutionizing the way video production produces stunning and immersive experiences on a single set.

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