Camera Tracking: What It Is and Why It’s So Critical to Get It Right

Camera tracking is a discipline that is often used in virtual and xR (extended reality) productions.

Tracking triangulates the position of the camera within the studio and communicates that information between the various software applications we employ.

Most importantly, this communication enables the virtual scene on the LED volume to adjust accordingly to the camera’s movements, so that it looks like your subject is within that environment. 

In short, camera tracking allows the virtual elements of your production to “talk to” the camera(s), making the finished product much more realistic and immersive for your audience.

Why is it so important to get camera tracking right?

There are many technical reasons that camera tracking needs to be executed perfectly, but the most important are …

1. Without proper calibration and mapping of the virtual scene being shot via camera tracking, the virtual scene will not accurately or precisely adjust in real time during production. 

2. Camera tracking is very important in allowing content creators to create dynamic camera movements and helps them convincingly composite their work using accurate changes of perspective.

3. Without camera tracking, shots are stuck in one position and one perspective. With camera tracking, content creators are able to incorporate dynamic camera movements that allow for much more captivating results.

OK, so that’s a lot of technical talk. The big payoff with camera tracking is that it’s what really sells the virtual environment to the audience. It makes all of the virtual elements in your production seem actually believable and real.

How does Arc Studios get camera tracking right for your project?

We use custom calibration to precisely map each scene for each virtual production.

This is done in collaboration with our talented network of content designers, our teams at Arc Studios and Gear Seven, as well as our clients, specifically the Directors and DPs.

And, getting this done correctly in the pre-production phase is crucial to ensuring a successful production.

As you can see, this is a truly collaborative process! But don’t worry, we’ve taken all the headaches of getting this right, so you don’t have to …

Ready to make your creative vision a reality?

Perfect camera tracking is just one discipline that makes virtual video production truly magical.

We’re utterly dedicated to each one of these disciplines, as well as staying on the bleeding edge of technology and software, all in the service of your project.

If you decide to bring your idea to Arc Studios, you can rest assured that you’re bringing it to a team of experts in this discipline that will help you execute your vision with incredible efficiency, accuracy, and artistry.

Let’s talk. 

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