Film Your Next Project in an LED Studio

Enhance your shoot with a cutting-edge LED studio designed for virtual production.

When you visit Arc Studios in Nashville, you can transport your set to virtually any location imaginable.

Our 1,000 sq. ft. LED stage contains an LED volume wall that has served as the background for numerous music videos, televised events, commercials, and corporate presentations. We utilize the same technology that has created some of your favorite video games (using Epic Games' Unreal Engine) and big-budget productions such as "The Mandalorian," "The Batman," and "Barbie."

The LED volume wall at Arc Studios is more than just a digital background. It is a system of linked high-end LED panels for displaying 3D content (graphics, colors, images) and photo-real visuals your talent can react to.

Arc Studios presents a convergence of technologies where the gaming industry's limitless creativity and the film world's cinematic wizardry collide.

Where LED Studios Save You Money

Music videos, corporate presentations, TV commercials, and other branded content benefit greatly from being on a stage with such potential.

There's a good reason why big-budget Netflix series' are choosing virtual production over location shoots. However, only the largest productions demand the supersized LED volumes found in London or Australia. Arc Studios in Nashville provides the same technology but on a more cost-effective scale for producers. Our virtual production studio is ideally suited to smaller projects while providing all the necessary amenities for a major shoot.

There are many reasons to follow Hollywood's lead for your next video production.

  • Virtual environments eliminate the need for extensive location scouting and securing permissions
  • LED studio shooting saves on the transportation expenses of moving from location to location
  • Generated photo-real environments cut your set design and set decorating costs in half by creating all the background details digitally
  • Much of your lighting and rigging is completed before shooting, and the majority of gear is available at the studio
  • You'll never have to scramble at the last minute due to bad weather; you will always have the desired conditions
  • LED volumes provide backgrounds that sync to the camera's movement for lifelike environments in real time

Understanding How an LED Studio Works

In the world of virtual productions, an LED studio is a game-changer. It offers filmmakers, directors, and producers a dynamic and immersive environment to bring their creative visions to life. With so much of the technical work being done before the scheduled shoot, it streamlines your shooting days.

Like any location you plan to use, we suggest visiting Arc Studios in person for a tour of the facility.

Any planned production requires a meeting with one of our virtual content designers to discuss the project's 3D virtual needs beforehand.

During the previs (pre-visualization) stage, the various departments will meet up to discuss the requirements and expectations. Much of the decision-making and work is handled in the weeks and days leading up to the scheduled shoot, including the remaining set dec and pre-lighting for the camera department.

With an on-site equipment loading bay, kitchenette, greenroom areas, and office facilities, you have everything a production needs to set up shop for the duration of your shoot.

How Does an LED Volume Enhance Virtual Productions?

The seamless integration between actors and digital backgrounds creates a cohesive visual experience, blurring the line between reality and virtuality. With real-time rendering, the LED volume can display all kinds of imagery, allowing you to switch between different sets and environments instantaneously.

This flexibility enables interactive and dynamic scenes, allowing filmmakers to explore and experiment, unlocking new levels of creativity.

The lifelike environments created by an LED volume enhance storytelling, transporting audiences to captivating worlds, whether it's a sci-fi universe, a historical setting, or a fantastical realm. The story you want to tell is ready to be shot in Nashville.

Exploring Our 1,000 sq. ft. LED Stage

At Arc Studios, you'll have ample space to unleash your imagination. Our versatile LED backdrop serves as a customizable set, allowing you to create captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Whether you're shooting a small-scale production or a large-scale spectacle, our LED stage accommodates your needs, providing the perfect canvas for your creative vision.

How Do LED Panels Display Video Footage and 3D Content?

Our LED panels are designed with high resolution, enabling crystal-clear visuals that capture every detail. Each pixel on the panel contributes to the overall image, resulting in vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, and stunning graphics. The seamless assembly of these panels eliminates any visible gaps, creating a smooth, uninterrupted display surface.

Your content is enhanced by Brompton Technology LED video processors, stYpe RedSpy optical camera tracking, and servers and software by disguise. Luckily, we can provide you with the personnel to make the most of your volume rental.

Preparing for Your Shoot at Our LED Studio

Preparing for your shoot at our LED studio is a seamless process, thanks to our experienced team and comprehensive facilities.

Do you require a basic 2D backdrop, or are you curious about our studio's extended reality capabilities? Let us know your plans, and we'll devise a proposed timeline and a list of everything you'll need to prepare.

How our team assists in setting up your shoot

Our experienced team is here to make your shot setup a breeze. We optimize the utilization of our 40-foot wide, 12.5-foot tall LED wall and will handle all technical aspects. We provide personalized assistance throughout the setup process, ensuring a smooth and memorable shoot.

At Arc Studios, we offer tiered packages based on the level of assistance you need.

How can an LED Studio transform your project?

The transformative power of an LED studio is undeniable. With cutting-edge LED technology, you can elevate the production value of your project, immersing your audience in visually stunning, lifelike backgrounds.

Arc Studios wants you to captivate your viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Let's brainstorm your project and see what comes of it. Send us a message to get the ball rolling on your next studio shoot.

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