Get Ready for a Newly Renovated Arc Studios

It is a new year, and we're all excited for the fresh start and some change.

So what do you get for the virtual production studio in Nashville that already has it all? The answer: renovations!

Arc Studios has decided to treat itself to a bunch of inspiring new amenities that are sure to appeal to productions of every scale.

As 2022 slowed down, we were busy wrapping up construction at our killer new facility. Our team is already making resolutions for the new year.

And the way things are looking, 2023 is going to be a busy year. We can't wait to show off our latest additions.

We're Building at Arc

The completed construction will enhance the shooting process for all who step through our doors.

If you've been at our facility in the past, you're probably wondering, what's changed? Don't worry; the LED stage you know and love isn't going away.

What has changed will appeal to the cast, crew, and any producers and creative agencies overseeing the shoot. Our new 'behind the scenes' amenities have been designed to make those long shooting days feel not so long.

Here's what we've added:

  • Two new green rooms for talent, hair, and makeup crews
  • A new production mezzanine for viewing the shooting stage with a phone booth, desks, and more
  • An updated kitchenette for craft services
  • A load-in bay where crews can unpack indoors with direct access to the stage
  • A new storage area for staging extras, serving crew meals, and housing extra equipment

Arc Studios has always been more than your average stage. But with our latest renovations, all the things your shoot needs are available under one roof.

Your crews are going to love what we've done.  

Arc Studios' advanced LED screens allow virtually any location to be filmed on a single stage, and with our newly renovated facilities, nobody's left behind. Now every department has a place to call its own.

A New Year, A New Look

We're also giving our reception area a facelift. Our new lobby will welcome visitors with a modern sheen. What's behind the door? Immediate access to our shooting stage, one of the finest virtual studios anywhere!

Our new green rooms include vanities, lounge chairs, couches, televisions, snacks, mirrors and more. Everything your performers (and the people who make them look good) want and need for a day on set.

Unlike your typical green screen shoot, Arc Studios' virtual LED stage creates a totally immersive shooting environment. It's a sight to behold if you've never been. Now your stakeholders can enjoy a luxurious front-row balcony seat in our new viewing mezzanine that includes desks, collaborative seating areas, and a television. Up in the mezzanine, producers, clients, and agency attendees will appreciate the soundproof phone booth we've installed. Because we all know there's no taking a break from the business side of things, even when the director yells 'action.'

How Our Renovations Benefit Productions of Any Size

Even the smallest productions come equipped with a fair amount of gear. And wherever there is film gear, there are crew members responsible for it.

We understand the passion and drive it takes to complete your vision. We know the crazy lengths filmmakers, creatives, and storytellers, will go to to get their shot. At Arc Studios, we figure you might as well be comfortable while you're at it.

Arc Studios enables crews to capture seemingly impossible visuals with relative ease, so why can't we make everyone's day more convenient?  

Arc Studio has set the bar high, having created cutting-edge facilities that cater to the sensibilities of directors, DPs, and VFX crews. We figured it was time to appease everyone else not on set.

The bottom line? Happy crews result in better teamwork and smoother productions.

Want a tour? Interested in booking some days? Contact us.

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