How We’re Able to Shoot in Downtown Offices AND Distant Worlds

Location, location, location.

It’s the key to business success and – many would argue – it’s been the key to success in the film and video industry since its inception.

But with the rise of virtual video production, that’s all changed now.

What shooting your video project used to require...

First, you have the issue of scouting locations for your project. Depending on the size of the project, this can take a dedicated team traveling to multiple locations across the country (or the world!). The time and money involved in this process can be beyond extensive.

Then you have the issues around permitting. Some places are easier than others, but in any physical location, dealing with the local and regional government can be frustrating, time consuming (again), and expensive.

And finally, once you’ve chosen your location and have the necessary permits in hand, your job has only just begun! Now you have to get the entire cast, crew, and equipment to that location, which is not only done at great cost, but can be a logistical hassle.

So, though there are many, it seems that with traditional productions one of the main limitations is time. You have the time it takes to load-in and load-out of a singular location (multiplied by the number of locations in a given project), the limited time you have with your talent or subject, and, once you’re at the perfect location, the limited time of natural light!

And that’s just dealing with the constraint of time.

There’s got to be a better way, right?

Introducing (if you haven’t met yet)... virtual video production.

So, what is this better way? We’d argue it’s called virtual production.

Virtual video production is the process of blending the real world and the digital, blurring the lines between what is physical and what is virtual.

By combining physical subjects and/or objects (a person sitting behind a desk in a cubicle), with a virtual background (an office setting), an immersive environment can be created, seamlessly combining both worlds. And, with the press of a button, you can jump from that office setting to an ethereal forest in the mountains.

Here’s a great example of that in a short film we recently made … 

In short, virtual video production is what allows us to shoot anything from a relatively “normal” downtown office scene, to the most incredible (and fictional) distant world you can imagine, right here in our Nashville facility.

How is all of this possible?

Glad you asked.

It’s very complicated (don’t worry, not for you) and extremely simple at the same time. We’re able to accomplish this through talent, technology, and process.

Our team are experts at deploying the incredible technologies we possess and the comprehensive process we’ve developed to take your vision and make it reality. All without the need for physical locations.

The main components of virtual video production that allow for such versatility in “shooting anything, anywhere you want” are on the cutting-edge of technological development, and we’ve got everything you need, under one roof.

Whether you’re using unreal engine scenes (for virtual production), or more simple 2D video plates, or motion graphics on the LED volume, this technology allows for various tiers of complexity, immersion, and budget flexibility in your video project.

Creatively, you’re only limited to your imagination as virtual production enables you to achieve your vision with various solutions.

What’s at Arc Studios that can bring my imagination to the screen?

We’ve built Arc Studios in a unique way that allows for an incredible range of diverse possibilities.

We didn’t cut any corners when we built our Nashville facility. We purchased the top-of-the-line industry leading technology that enables any type of virtual video production, all under one roof.

This includes the software and technology from disguise, stYpe camera tracking, Unreal Engine, PixelFlex LED, Brompton Processing, and much, much more. 

We also bring fully customized virtual designs to your project through our talented network of designers.

And lastly, Gear Seven can fully produce the project by assembling the creative team, set design, crew, camera support, and more. 

The “one-stop shop” concept is very rare in the virtual video production industry, but we’ve worked very hard to achieve it, so that you can focus solely on the creative vision of your project, not on managing your project.

Ready to shoot whatever you can imagine in Nashville?

If you decide to bring your idea to Arc Studios, you can rest assured that you’re bringing it to a team of experts that will help you execute your vision with incredible efficiency, accuracy, and artistry.

Let’s talk.

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