Nashville Entertainment: What Things Can You See and Do During Your Visit?

Welcome to Nashville, Music City, where live venues, vibrant nightlife, and southern culture await. Not only is the city home to the country music industry, it is home base to a thriving film production community.

One nice thing about shooting your commercial, branded content, or music video at Arc Studios is that the studio is situated just 10 minutes outside downtown Nashville.

People come to Arc Studios for our state-of-the-art LED volume shooting stage, but they also appreciate everything the city offers outside of production time.

Southern Hospitality Rules

In 2013, the New York Times dubbed Nashville the new "It" city. Ten years later, there's no sign of slowing down. The city offers fine galleries, revered music venues, historic tours, lively honky-tonks, and tons of places to eat and drink that you'll be craving again the moment you leave.

Catch a Ride

If you want to cruise around the city to get a feel for the town, Nashville has no shortage of options. How about a guided tour of the city streets from the back of a monster truck? Do you want an excuse to take memorable photos and selfies? We suggest booking a tour of the city's famous murals on a golf cart for some extra fun.

Discover the Music

We'd be remiss if we didn't recommend indulging in the city's celebrated music scene. But how you choose to do it is up to you. From the Grand Old Opry and Johnny Cash Museum to a live show (or tour) at the Ryman Auditorium, Music City U.S.A. earns its moniker. If country music is a passion, there's no shortage of places to spend time. But even if you prefer other musical genres, the honky tonks on Broadway are a fun place to enjoy a cold one after a long day of shooting. It may be surprising to learn, but Nashville is home to all genres of music. Wherever you end up, it's always a fun night out.

Visit America's History

If you're one of those people fascinated by the Civil War, then a relaxing afternoon spent revisiting the past is always time well spent. A trip to the Lotz House (ground zero for the Battle of Franklin), Carter House (one of the most damaged Civil War structures still standing today), and other notable locals is a history buff's perfect day away from the studio.

The Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery is another option for those who appreciate the architecture of yore. This Greek Revival-style plantation house is now a popular destination for those who enjoy a fine bottle and walking historic grounds.

Eat Some Southern Cuisine

There's no shortage of Nashville restaurants to get your fill of southern cooking but to get the most authentic flavors, you'll want to go where the locals hang out. In Nashville, that place is Arnold's. The constant lunchtime lineups indicate just how delicious the fare inside truly is. Another renowned eatery for down-home cooking is the Loveless Cafe, where homemade biscuits and 22-hour Tennessee Hickory smoked BBQ have been a culinary Nashville staple since 1951.

Are You Ready to Visit Nashville?

If you're interested in learning more about the coolest Nashville attractions and live music venues in town, the staff at Arc Studios is happy to share our thoughts.

If you're considering Tennessee as a potential location for your next shoot or require virtual production capabilities, Arc Studios is happy to accommodate your needs. There's much to discover in Nashville. When it comes to entertainment, Nashville offers all the fanfare and touristy appeal you could want, along with all the behind-the-scenes talent and digital production expertise you could ask for.

Would you like to book an in-person tour of Arc Studios? Let us know. We promise there is no cover charge to get in!

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