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According to a Fortune Business Insights study in January 2023, "The global virtual production market is projected to grow from $2.86 billion in 2022 to $7.19 billion by 2029."

This statistic is understandable given that many of today's most visually striking feature films and popular television series rely on virtual technologies. Film and video production companies everywhere are looking to enhance the look and efficiency of their production process by using LED screens for their backdrops.

If your project could benefit from the added control of using a virtual set, read on to learn more.

Forget the Green Screen

When you look at the advantages LED studios provide over the typical green screen, it's easy to see why so many projects are slated for the virtual production pipeline.

Producers and directors appreciate being able to capture the footage they need in real-time on the day. The virtual production process negates green screen post-production work. You can now see everything as it will appear while it's being filmed.

Arc Studios in Nashville is a full-service LED virtual production studio. Filmmakers and content creators are invited to capture performances live on stage using our LED wall. Virtual productions enable creatives to include all kinds of incredible virtual worlds that will appear photorealistic.

Hollywood Loves Virtual Production

The same technology utilized by the most advanced video games is now being incorporated into big-budget shows like The Mandalorian and blockbuster movies like Dune, The Batman, Black Adam, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

It's the future of filmmaking, and it's already quite popular.

Enjoy the Latest VR Technology in Nashville

The recently renovated space at Arc Studios includes a 1,000 sq. ft. LED wall. When you book Arc Studios, you're not just renting a shooting space for your production; you're getting an experienced team to help carry out your vision.

Life on set has many advantages.

Time and Cost Savings

The ability to transport your actors, director, and on-set crew to any virtual location drastically cuts the costs of shooting on location. Virtual stages will make any shoot more cost-effective.

As the first virtual production stage of its kind in Nashville, our team of Extended Reality (xR) professionals can help guide your performance capture. We work alongside your visual FX team to create genuinely mind-blowing visuals.

You can explore various universes under one roof by employing a virtual LED stage on your next production.

Our virtual production stage reduces the expenses (and carbon footprint) of transporting your production crew from location to location. Big money can be saved by not worrying about additional security, local permits, crew parking, and budgeting for fuel.

LED Screens Support In-Camera Visual Effects

The beauty of using real-time game engine animation technology in film is that it allows for more realistic in-camera visual effects shots. Think rear projection technology that doesn't look out of place or green screen technology without the necessary post-production work.

Arc Studios' LED wall creates photorealistic virtual worlds that immerse your on-screen talent into the world of the story. Synched camera tracking (courtesy of unreal engine and its gaming technology) makes your visual effects and on-screen action blend seamlessly.

A Virtual Production Stage Built for Comfort

Combining an LED stage with physical sets, virtual cameras, in-camera VFX, and realistic tracking gives you complete control of the elements.

Remember, you are always subject to the weather whenever you shoot outside on location. Arc Studios' virtual production stage and LED panels are never affected by the rain or chilly outdoor conditions. 

Not only is everything you need in one spot, but the studio is designed for comfort. Arc Studios offers so much more than just a giant LED screen. We play host to productions of any size.

The LED volume at Arc Studios will reduce your time worrying about location problems and expose your team to new creative possibilities.

Having a virtual set at your disposal simplifies the logistics of your production. Why shoot at a physical location if you don't have to?

Arc Studios Is Your Virtual Production Space

We have the virtual camera gear and LED volume stage to create any virtual scene with high-resolution production quality. Some fantastic projects have been created within our virtual production space.

Let us be your virtual production field guide. Contact Arc Studios for bookings, tours, or more information on the benefits of LED volumes for productions like yours.

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