Why Nashville is the Ideal Location for Shooting Your Virtual Project

You might be thinking, “If the foundation of our video project is based in xR technology, why would location matter at all?”

It’s a good question. The truth is, location is somewhat less important for xR productions than it is for traditional ones, because we “house” any location you can dream up right inside our facility.

And, all things being equal (talent, crew, and technological availability), one location over another might not make much of a difference in your final product. 

But, when it comes to Nashville, TN, we’d like to argue that all things are not equal, and that this city provides an incredible opportunity for producing the final video you’ve always dreamed of shooting.

Here are just a few examples of why that’s the case …

3 reasons why Nashville is the ideal location for shooting your xR project

The first, and maybe most important reason why Nashville is so ideal for these projects is that we have a growing creative community rich with world class creatives, both technological and artistic. Whatever your project needs, from Directors to DPs and Producers to Actors, we’ve got it. And with our partners outside of Nashville, we’re bringing technological expertise into Nashville, from virtual content design to extended reality technology.

Secondly, we have all the technical resources that other major cities have, but we can provide those same capabilities and services at a much more competitive rate. You no longer need to be in Los Angeles to take advantage of this cutting-edge xR technology, and you certainly don’t need to pay Los Angeles rates (or taxes) in order for your video project to benefit from it!

Lastly, Tennessee is a “Right to Work” state meaning your crews can be either Union or Non-Union workers. You may already know how this can benefit your project, but the two most important ways are that 1) YOU can choose the exact people you work with, no matter their union status, and 2) it can give you some room to maneuver in your budget, if need be.

Financially, location fees are typically more affordable here than other major cities, and since we own and operate all of our equipment in-house, you won’t experience the hassle of needing to find and use several different vendors. Bottom line … we can fully produce projects in and around Nashville more economically than in a remote location.

Is this starting to sound good, both for the creative vision and the budget of your project?

Ready to shoot your next xR Video Project in Nashville, TN?

If you’re in the beginning stages of working out the location and budgetary details of your xR video project, we’d love for you to take a serious look at Nashville.

We believe our beautiful city and our production facility offer you the best people, technology, and opportunity in the industry. 

Call or email us anytime to find out for yourself, we can’t wait to chat about what you’re doing!

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