2023 CMT Music Awards Nominee Special Hot 20 Countdown — Jelly Roll

Virtual Art

Project Overview

Shot at Arc Studios for the 2023 CMT Music Awards, the Hot 20 Countdown crew was joined by Jelly Roll for a nominee special.

Behind The Scenes

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Client: CMT

Artist: Jelly Roll

Executive Producer: Quinn Brown

Senior Producer: Terry Bumgarner

Director of News & Production: Ray Sells

Producer: Nicole Melton

Producer: Sara Scannell

Host: Cody Alan

Host: Carissa Culiner

PA: Rebecca Garcia

Cam Op: Ben Sherrill

Cam Op: Sam Boyette

Jib Op: Brett Skelton

Jib Asst: Kyle Gilbert

Audio: Jimmy Corn

Utility: Nathan Corn

Disguise Op: Corinne Wolowicz

HMU: Mary Beth Felts

HMU: Paige Higgins

HMU: Jessica Miller

Sr. Manager Music & Talent: Donna Duncan

Studio: Arc Studios

Studio Manager: Skylar Galayda

Production Manager: Erin Mercer

PA: Caitlin Alexander

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