Motorized Precision App Demo

Motorized Precision
Gear Seven
Virtual Art

Project Overview

Motorized Precision asked the team at Shift Dynamics to help produce multiple pieces of original content for the launch of their new app - MP AR. This scene in particular was programmed with the MP AR app and shot on the Colossus Robotic Arm. The scene was filmed here at Arc Studios with the support of Gear Seven and Meptik integrating an Unreal Engine scene as the parking garage background.

Behind The Scenes

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Executive Producer: Kirk Slawek

Executive Producer: Ryan Atenhan

Director: JT McCreery

Producer: Robbie Baldassari

DP / Robot Op: Justin Wylie

1st AC: Quinn Foster

2nd AC: Tani Houston

Robot Op: Caleb McLaughlin

Robot Op: John Spencer

BTS Photo: Ryan Green

BTS Video: Ryan Camp

Prod. Manager: Cody Fisher-Williams

Operations: Patrick Wilson

Best Boy: Shannon Gamble

Robotics + Camera Solutions: Shift Dynamics

Production Company: Gear Seven

Studios: Arc Studios and Nashville Kitchen Studio

Studio Manager: Skylar Galayda

Disguise / Unreal Op: David Vargas

Grip: Talbot Solenberger

Art Director: Elise Lacret

1st Asst. Art Dir.: Nathan Zensen

Motorcyclist: Lindsey Grace Whiddon

Mixologist: Will Stone from The Aero Bar

PA: Rea Ariola

PA: Jordan Hubbard

PA: Marius Legal

PA: Darrell Green

PA: Edison Dupree

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