Caraway - "Good Looking. Clean Cooking."

Gear Seven
Virtual Art
Knitted City

Project Overview

Shot with Gear Seven at Arc Studios with the Colossus robot at Shift Dynamics, this virtual production piece came to life through a custom-designed environment by Cody Garrow at Knitted City and curated robotic moves with post-production VFX that brought it all together.‍

Behind The Scenes

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Client: Caraway

Director: JT McCreery

Producer: Shea Jones

Executive Producer: Ryan Atenhan

1st AD: Eric Williams

DP: Nathan Thompson

Virtual Art Department: Cody Garrow / Knitted City

disguise Op: Justin Wylie

1st AC: Quinn Foster

2nd AC: Tani Houston

Robot Op: Kirk Slawek

Gaffer: Patrick Wilson

Studio: Arc Studios

Studio Manager: Skylar Galayda

Art Director: Amanda Alberto

Prop Stylist: Jenee Boston

Food Stylist: Delaney Stephens

Production Company: Gear Seven

Camera Solutions / Robotics: Shift Dynamics

PA: David Hamilton

Project Manager: Maddie Herreid

BTS: Ryan Green

Talent: Callie Blount

Edit: JT McCreery

Color: Brett Price

Sound Mixing: Ryan Pribyl

VFX: Neal Clement

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