CMT Hot 20 Countdown | 10 Year Anniversary Episode

Virtual Art

Project Overview

For their 10 Year Anniversary episode, the CMT Hot 20 Countdown took to Arc Studios for both in-person interviews and Zoom interviews.

Behind The Scenes

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Client: CMT

Talent: Dan + Shay

EP: Quinn Brown

Directors of News & Production: Ray Sells & Jennifer DeVault Meyer

Supervising Producer: Dan Clark

Sr. Writer / Producer: Shane Caldwell

Senior Producer: Tim Hardiman

Producer: Nicole Melton

Writer/Producer: Darrell Hughes

Producer: Carson Stokebrand

Associate Producers: Katie Fiore and Sara Scannell

PA: Taylor Blackman, Lyncia Smith, Rebecca Garcia

Hosts: Cody Alan, Katie Cook, Carissa Culiner

Jib Operator: Brett Skelton

Jib Assist: Mark Wells

Camera Ops: Ben Sherrill, Sam Boyette

Audio: CrackerUtility: Jimmy Corn & Nathan Corn

Wardrobe: Libby Mitchell

HMU: Mary Beth Felts

Hair Stylist: DeLaney Henry

Makeup Artist: Paige Higgins

Sr. Director, Music & Talent: Donna Duncan

Line Producer: Garrett Smith

Physical Production Manager: Erin Mercer

Physical Production Assistant: Caitlin Alexander

Studio Manager: Skylar Galayda

D3 Op: Corinne Wolowicz

BTS Photos: CMT

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