Emily Rowed - “Bloom”

Tone Tree Music
Gear Seven
Virtual Art

Project Overview

The creative concept for “Bloom” was led by the virtual design team at Meptik and inspired by the other-worldly sci-fi landscapes from films such as Avatar. MEPTIK custom designed this bioluminescent virtual scene, and collaborated with Gear Seven and Director Sam Siske to capture an emotional performance from Emily Rowed. Arc Studios was the perfect studio solution for this concept which featured a magical, bioluminescent forest tucked between the mountains, an endless field of flowers, as far as the eye can see, and countless sparkling stars and a full moon in the sky.

Behind The Scenes

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Production Company: Gear Seven

Virtual Production: Meptik

Artist: Emily Bloom

Director: Sam Siske

Creative Director: Sarah Linebaugh

Producer: Ryan Atenhan

Director of Photography: Justin Wylie

Animations: Josh Eason & Madison Hague-Rogers

XR Specialist: David Vargas

Art Director: Sophia Matinazad

Color: Brett Price

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