Create Engaging Awards Show Segments with Arc Studios

There's a good reason why so many producers love shooting on virtual production stages like the one at Arc Studios in Nashville. The reason is that it allows your crew to knock out tons of shots in a single day.

In other words: it's a producer's dream.

CMT booked Arc Studios to create segments for their Hot 20 Countdown 10 Year Anniversary and the 2023 CMT Music Awards, respectively. With big names like Dan + Shay and Jelly Roll dropping by to say hello, the clips packed star power and popped visually with a stylish sheen.

Arc Studios is available for more of these shoots with its recently updated green room and other amenities.

Awards Show Segments Often Steal the Show

Seemingly every industry, whether involved in entertainment or not, has its own type of awards gala. Recipients love the recognition. For those in attendance (or perhaps watching at home), the most enjoyable parts of the entire spectacle are the segments in-between the speeches.

Video clips offer a creative way to break up the pageantry with humor, tailored ads for sponsors, interviews, and more. These bits, shot prior to the big event, can take almost any form.

You could have someone read the categories live, but you can also have a pre-recorded video to make the introductions.

Videos shot at Arc Studios for live events and other presentations can boost audience engagement. Relevant content can be integrated seamlessly into your awards ceremony.

When you have a creative partner like Arc Studios in your corner, you have the technology to play around with all kinds of ideas. Whatever you come up with, your results are sure to look fantastic.

Arc Studios in Nashville can be your all-in-one shooting location. The right segments will make your awards ceremony one to remember.

Create an Awards Show with Less Stress 

A sound stage with a giant LED screen lets you add amazing graphics and videos to any shot. It all happens live with no post-production necessary. Using an immersive digital background makes your content more dynamic and visually appealing.

This studio technology is especially useful for stage setups where the action is confined to a single set. Talk shows and interview segments can benefit from this aesthetically pleasing technology. With a world of digital information at your fingertips, you can add vibrant images, digital footage, and attractive branding or text behind your talent.

Improving Your Awards Ceremony with Virtual Production

Traditionally, virtual production studios have been employed by productions requiring heavy visual effects. But Arc Studios doesn't limit its technology to space dramas and superhero films.

If you can imagine it, Arc Studios can immerse your host, nominees, and presenters into a virtual playground of visual opportunities, all in real-time.

Text, graphics, logos, and any type of video can play in the background of your set. You can now create your own red carpet event in Nashville.

Visit Arc Studios for Fast, Flexible Virtual Production

The adjectives ‘easy’, ‘comfortable,’ and ‘convenient’ could also be added to that header. The company's staff and facilities will maximize the potential of your camera setup.

If you require additional information about their inventory of cutting-edge cinematic gear, don't hesitate to reach out. Arc Studios is equipped to handle your vision, from high-end commercials for national brands to music videos for today's hottest stars.

With so many tools at their disposal, Arc Studios can help you produce footage for your awards show or any other film or television production.

Discover why the crews and stars at CMT loved working at Arc Studios so much.

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