The Visual Art Designers Behind Our Most Unique Environments

A big part of the appeal of shooting at Arc Studios virtual production house is the freedom to immerse your on-screen talent in any style of environment. In many ways, your creative plans are limited only by your imagination.

Of course, even with the finest VR facility and the latest technology at your disposal, the success of your project ultimately depends on the dedication and talent of the personnel involved.

Like many of the services provided by the digital filmmaking trifecta that is Arc Studios, Gear Seven, and Shift Dynamics, it takes a multitude of disciplines to make cinematic magic.

The Resources to Design Entire Worlds

Arc Studios partners with the artistic virtuosity of companies Meptik and Knitted City. They help our clients bridge the distance between concept and finished project. Their talented crews create the custom imagery that appears on our virtual 1,000 sq. ft. LED Volume (our virtual reality screen).

Visual art designers create immersive on-set experiences that eliminate the need for green screen effects and additional post–production work. The environments they create needn't be otherworldly or extravagant; however, if the project demands it, they can make it so.

Ultimately, the goal of even the most beautiful art design is to accentuate the product and on-screen talent.

VR designs integrate seamlessly into your video production.

Even the biggest brands are subject to tight deadlines. Thankfully, the technology at Arc Studios can turn any production’s limitations into spectacular artistic enhancements.

Seamless Environments

The magic of Meptik allowed musician Thomas Rhett to appear both in the recording studio and on a metropolitan rooftop performing under the night sky for Apple Music's "Where We Started Radio" spot. In reality, he spent his brief visit to Arc Studios playing on a single stage in front of our LED wall.

A designer's visual representation doesn't just fill up space; it helps draw out inspired performances. The captivating dream-world scenery of Emily Rowed's "Bloom" is a perfect example where the art decoration accentuates and emboldens the artist.

Sometimes, the work of Meptik's artists is more subtle, yet it plays a vital role in the storytelling. The powerful messaging of the Defy the Odds spot wouldn't have the same impact without the repetitive cubicle and sunset imagery featured throughout.  

Visual art designers can deliver custom digital sets that meet your branding guidelines, storyboarding, and scripting needs. Caraway had a unique vision for marketing their cookware, and the artists at Knitting City were able to fulfill their wishes on screen.

Whether shooting your company's keynote presentation or the next Star Wars spin-off, visual art designers give you greater control over the background visual elements. Visual art designers understand the nuances necessary for creating compelling imagery, animations, and interactive content.

The Power of Digital Prowess

Visual art designers utilize the digital tools of Unreal Engine to brighten the canvas of our LED Volume. They build highly detailed virtual environments from the ground up and will include any existing assets you want to see. Our LED Wall provides solutions for any number of applications.

The disguise platform makes the power to paint with such vibrancy possible. disguise provides the software that delivers such elegant solutions for our commercial ads and music videos.

Watch day become night with a keystroke. Observe as a  beautiful sunny day becomes a rainstorm in seconds. Whether you're going for dramatic or subtle, your chosen environment can be quickly tweaked and adjusted to suit your needs.

Visit Arc Studio for Extended Reality (XR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Workflow Solutions

More agile ways of working still demand a strict project workflow. Visual art designers are an essential part of the virtual production at Arc Studios. Art designers are brought on early to ensure a smooth integration of live performance, physical set decoration, and in-camera visual effects.

When you book Arc Studios for your production, you don't just get a closed set with all the amenities; you acquire an experienced team with unlimited resources.

Let us find you the perfect virtual art design partner for your next project so you can make the most of your studio time.

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